About Dr. Bindu Mayi

Bindu Mayi, M.Sc., Ph.D., is Chair and Professor of Microbiology in the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Carolinas campus.

Dr. Mayi teaches infectious diseases to students of osteopathic medicine. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Dr. Mayi is committed to her research, which involves Infection Prevention as well as Antimicrobial Stewardship. She has appeared on multiple panels attended by healthcare professionals and public officials, including representatives from the CDC. Dr. Mayi has been a spokesperson for the Zika virus; the life threatening condition, sepsis; another life threatening condition, necrotizing fasciitis, aka flesh eating disease; measles; and since 2020 everything related to facemasks, SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, vaccines, and more. Prior to her career in higher education, Dr. Mayi worked in antibiotic resistance research as well as cancer nanotechnology research.

Dr. Mayi is passionate about medical education, especially prevention of infectious diseases and took her efforts at prevention to a global level by writing a book about prevention of MRSA. It’s titled ‘Mrs. A’ and is a compelling, multi-generational narrative about MRSA woven into the fictional struggles of a young boy. As one reviewer put it, “Throughout this book you will catch yourself pondering how your own personal life would have been different if you had a mentor like, ‘Mrs. A’ to guide you.” In 2008, Dr. Mayi was one of 80 women winners of the ‘O-Whitehouse Leadership Project’, where her project was prevention of MRSA in U.S. hospitals.

Heartbroken by the events of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting in 2018, Dr. Mayi wrote her second book, ‘SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.’ The book details solutions to our pervasive problem of mass shootings, rage, hatred, and divisiveness. Dr. Scott Poland, national school violence prevention trainer and first responder has called this book “a masterpiece” and “a must-read by educators, parents, and students in today’s world.”

In 2020, Dr. Mayi released her third book, ‘LIGHTNING NOAH – THE NEXT SUPERHERO.’ The book chronicles the story of a young boy who inadvertently becomes a superhero in the middle of a rogue thunderstorm sent by Norse god Thor. Recruited by Thor, Noah takes on a quest to convince his fellow humans to be ecofriendly. This book takes action on climate change directly to an underutilized demographic who are also major influencers – children. They are after all going to inherit this planet from us. It’s only right that they lead the way to ecofriendliness.