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Andy hated school more than any normal seventh grader should and being a victim of bullying didn’t make it any better. When he goes from being a bully victim to the aggressor, his mother threatens to withdraw him from school and takes him to work with her, where he meets Mrs. A, his mother’s employer. Through her kindness, dedication and wisdom, Mrs. A helps Andy undergo a slow and steady transformation, which is reflected in his schoolwork. When Mrs. A dies from a bad infection, Andy is faced with a tremendous challenge that could very well make him regress to his old ways. Will Andy use what Mrs. A had taught him and rise above the bullies of the world? Will he learn to keep his mind on the goal and make a difference? “This is an engaging story that relates to all adolescents,” said Judy Dempsey, Head of School, Summit-Questa Montessori School. “This story captures your attention and you begin to care about the characters as if they were part of your own family. In the process, you are also gaining valuable knowledge about health and adolescent issues.” Dr. Jane L. Burns, Infectious Disease expert said, “Mrs. A is a compelling story and gives up-to-date information on an increasingly important bacterial infection–Methicillin Resistant Staph.”

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