I grew up in India and although it’s been a few decades since I left my home country, I still
We have lots of friends and family living in Colorado.Just one of the many perks of living there is the
Good morning, SNOTI readers!My last three posts were all about various outbreaks in humans, all in the midst of an
My previous post was about Salmonella in peanut butter, a food item of significance to roughly 300 million Americans in
My husband loves peanut butter. He is one of 299.34 million Americans who consumed this high protein product back in
I wonder how many of you will remember living through a time when smallpox was a dreaded disease? Regardless of
Do you feel powerless when you hear about climate change in the news? Do you feel anxious when you hear
Some of my students asked me whether we should be worried about the report of a Colorado man testing positive
Why was the CDC health alert about the rare cluster of pediatric hepatitis cases an important announcement?The immediate impact has been
I just had a phone conversation with a dear friend of mine, who asked me my thoughts on vaccinating her